NEPAL – Learning Exchange
Partner Organizations: IHC New Zealand and Parent Federation of Persons with Intellectual Disabilities (PFPID)


Catalyst for Inclusive Education supported a week-long study tour on inclusive education between Parent Federation of Persons with Intellectual Disabilities(Nepal) and IHC (New Zealand). Mukunda Dayal of PFPID was hosted by Ralph Jones of IHC in New Zealand, where he toured inclusive practices in early childhood education, early intervention, primary school and secondary schools. Prior to arrival in New Zealand, information was shared with PFPID regarding New Zealand’s legislative and policy framework for inclusive education as background.

During the study tour, PFPID also met with the New Zealand Human Rights Commissioner for Disability to discuss how national human rights institutions can assist in the development and monitoring of inclusive education, as well as education advocacy groups, families, and self-advocates who have graduated from the NZ education system. Learnings from the study tour provided the foundation for Catalyst’s scoping mission in Nepal.

NEPAL - Scoping Mission
Partner Organization: Parent Federation of Persons with Intellectual Disabilities (PFPID)


Parent Federation of Persons with Intellectual Disabilities (PFPID) requested 5 days of technical support from Catalyst to support their efforts to strengthen the Ministry of Education in the implementation of inclusive education in Nepal’s national education system. Prior to the scoping mission, Catalyst undertook an analysis of the current landscape of education in Nepal as well as the various stakeholders and key actors involved. In July 2017, members of the global and regional response team travelled to Nepal for a scoping mission.

The Nepal scoping mission included school visits to public schools with and without resource classes, “special schools” for children with intellectual disabilities, as well as day care centres, and meetings with the Ministry of Education and the National Centre for Educational Development. The Catalyst team, with PFPID, also met with parents and local member organizations of PFPID, and other international NGO staff working on education in Nepal, including UNICEF, Handicap International, World Education, and the International Disability Alliance.  

Catalyst continues to work with PFPID on the development of a plan that includes measurable indicators of success as Nepal moves forward in transforming their education system.